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4 Ways to Convert PDF to a Fully-Editable PowerPoint File

You will almost certainly need to use PowerPoint to present notes and ideas if you are giving a university presentation…

By adstotally , in Technology , at May 24, 2021

You will almost certainly need to use PowerPoint to present notes and ideas if you are giving a university presentation or a lecture at a critical board meeting. This will not only conserve your time but will also aid in the preparation of your presentation. You may, however, ought to extract data from PDF documents, which may necessitate a PDF to PPT conversion.

Suppose you want to convert your PDF files to PPT. You can do so using one of the many online conversion tools and methods today. You can include video, audio, slides to transition effects, and even animated texts, which you can’t possibly do with a PDF. With that in mind, this guide will walk you through the methods for converting PDF to PPT using PDFBear. 

A Overview of PDFBear

PDFBear is a website that provides conversion services for various document files to PDF and vice versa, specifically PDF to PPT conversions. It is an entirely free website accessible from any computer, mobile device, and operating system. It is possible to convert PowerPoint presentations, Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, and image files to PDF and vice versa. 

Furthermore, the PDFBear website offers simple instructions or guidelines for using each of their services and features. Scholars, business people, teachers, working adults, teachers, and many other digital users who use PowerPoint software would find it an excellent choice. It is also available in twenty-two different languages throughout the world.

Efficiently Convert PDF to PPT in 4 Easy Steps

PDFBear’s efficient PDF to PPT conversion does not necessitate any advanced knowledge. To convert any PDF document into a PowerPoint presentation, users only need to complete four simple steps. To serve as a reference, PDFBear included instructions on the converter itself.


So, even though this is your first time using this PDF converter, you should be able to convert any PDF to PPT without difficulty. Below are the outlined guides on how to turn PDF into PowerPoint presentations through the use of PDFBear PDF to PPT converter:


  1. On the “Home” tab of the PDFBear website, click the PDF to PPT converter and then click the “Select Files” button. Browse through the PDF file you want to convert and send it to the server.
  2. This system does not require users to enter their email addresses. The conversion process will begin after you pick and import the PDF file. Because it displays the progress of the file conversion, the conversion can also be tracked. It can also be converted to several different formats.
  3. After choosing a file to convert, click the “Convert PDF to PPT” button in the center of the box on their server. After that, all you have to do is wait for your file to be processed and converted for the specified number of seconds.
  4. Finally, you now have a PPT version of your PDF to work with. PPT files can also be converted to other file formats by users. The procedure is as close to identical as it gets. You can rest assured that the PDF to PPT conversion is just as simple as the other.

PDFBear’s Privacy Policy

When using PDF Bear’s conversion tools, you can rest assured that your files will be completely secure. They do not save the files after the conversion. The system will remove all of the documents you forwarded on the server in 60 minutes. Another noteworthy feature is that the content you and the online tool converter upload are solely yours. 


There are several reasons to be skeptical when it comes to uploading files to the internet. At some point, any file is hacked or stolen over the internet. On the other hand, PDF Bear values its customers and respects their privacy, ensuring the security of your files.

Why Is PDFBear Better Than Others?

PDFBear has done an excellent job of meeting the needs of its digital users when it comes to PDF issues and problems. The company’s diverse range of applications has aided in its development as an online platform. PDFBear optimizes the functionality of encryption keys, splitting, merging, and modifying PDF files in addition to converting various files.


When it comes to online PDF to PPT conversion, PDFBear should be at the top of your list. Converting any PDF to PowerPoint file on any other platform is a no-brainer because it’s simple, uncomplicated, and accessible. Check out PDFBear because it is a highly rated tool for its versatile, dependable, and well-rounded online PDF to PPT converter.


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