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Easy and Convenient Word to PDF Conversion with GogoPDF

Word Files are among the most used file formats across different fields. Aside from the fact that it displays the…

By adstotally , in Technology , at April 15, 2021

Word Files are among the most used file formats across different fields. Aside from the fact that it displays the elements within your documents, it also allows people to make modifications within it. More so, it has a relatively smaller file size compared to other file formats like PowerPoint, making it suitable for transmission. 

Of course, with the number of positive aspects it has comes the negative ones. Word Files are not primarily made for viewing electronic documents. This means that it is not like a PDF file that, once transmitted to you via email, it is assured that you have every element preserved. The element and format preservation varies on the platform used by the sender and receiver. 

Is preserving the elements within your electronic documents possible?

It is possible. All you have to do is to convert your Word to PDF. This way, the format of your raw file is preserved. Since PDF is made to show electronic documents, it is the most suitable file format. You may use the software. However, most software requires you to spend a considerable amount of money on a simple service. 

Therefore, if you want to skip the demands and hassle of software, the best option is to use GogoPDF. GogoPDF is a trustworthy web-based platform for anything that has to do with conversion and modification of different file formats, especially PDF. They offer top-notched services and make sure to give the best experience to their users. 

How to convert Word to PDF using GogoPDF?

The steps are pretty simple and easy to follow. All you have to do is to upload the Word file you wanted to convert into PDF. You may click the select files button and choose from your device or drag it straight from your device to the conversion box. After doing so, GogoPDF will begin the process by scanning your file and converting it. 

At this juncture, all you have to do is to wait for the processing to finish. Of course, it will not take too much of your time. A minute or two, and you will already have the PDF version of your Word File. Once the processing is done, you will be brought to the download page, where you can see the rendered PDF file, ready for you to download on your device. 

Most Convenient Online Converter

This platform’s convenience comes in two ways: First, it does not subject you to the hassle of studying the website too much, just because it is easily understandable even by the most non-tech savvy person. You only have to follow four simple steps, and you will already have the PDF version of your Word file ready for download.

Second, the processing is the swiftest on the internet. Most of the time, processing on the internet is at a slow pace. Thanks to the technology of PDFBear, it will only take you a minute or two to have the process completed. The creators of the website are considerate enough to know that time is of the essence for everyone, especially if you are running late for a deadline. 

A platform that upholds your privacy rights 

Many issues about privacy rights violations have surfaced on the internet. Mainly because the internet advocates for free flow of ideas, and with it, free flow of information that can sometimes be private. Hence, GogoPDF made sure to install the best encryption tool to safeguard uploaded files and even have them deleted an hour after the process’s completion.

A User-friendly platform 

Just when you thought things couldn’t get better with GogoPDF, it will prove you wrong. It has more features to offer, which include being compatible across different platforms. While some websites have a hard time running on obsolete devices or non-conventionally used operating systems. GogoPDF can work seamlessly with any platform there is. 

It is also considered user-friendly because it saves users from having their device’s storage consumed, just like how the software would do. This is harmful because it can jeopardize the performance of your device. Hence, GogoPDF will only ask you to have an internet connection since everything will be done online with the aid of the website’s cloud storage. 


Word Files are great. But in transmitting it, you always risk having some elements of your files omitted or not being read. To eliminate this risk, convert your Word to PDF. In doing so, you do not have to spend much of your money on software. All you have to do is grab your device, secure an internet connection and go to GogoPDF’s website.



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