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GogoPDF: Top Features to Utilize When Converting Your Documents

There are many online tools available on today’s Internet that can be best used for your online document needs. However,…

By adstotally , in Technology , at June 17, 2021

There are many online tools available on today’s Internet that can be best used for your online document needs. However, only a few platforms are reliable in terms of giving service in handling online documents properly. GogoPDF offers various online tools with a great list of features to take your conversion experience properly.

Some of the online tools available in their platforms are Word to PDF, Merge PDF, Adding Watermark, Share documents, and more, which will be discussed in this article to help you explore the online tools you may need for your online documents. In addition, this article will also tackle how you can use the online tools that are listed below.

Share Documents

Suppose you need to transfer your numerous online documents to different people. Then, you can utilize the GogoPDF online service for document sharing. You may share your document wherever and whenever with this internet service. This can be an easy way to share documents over the Internet’s online media.

As long as your beneficiary is connected to the Internet, the document you have supplied can be received by anybody. Here is an example of how your document may be shared using GogoPDF.

  • Upload the documents you want to share.
  • Fill up the necessary things to do.
  • Type in the message you want the document to be sent with.
  • Send the document or copy the URL provided.

Word to PDF

One of the most used online tools that you should be utilizing for your online documents is the Word to PDF, which allows you to convert your Word document format into a Portable Document Format. This online tool will allow you to completely change the features of your Word document into a PDF file.

Having Word documents and PDF files always intertwined with each other, it is vital to have an online tool that allows you to switch from one format to another. An alternative action you can do is the PDF to Word, which also allows you to change from a PDF file into a Word document. The benefits of using this online tool depend on the needs of your online document.

  • Upload your Word document.
  • Wait for the conversion process to start.
  • Wait for the conversion process to be completed.
  • Download the new PDF file.

Merge PDF

The first online tool we’ll examine is the Merge PDF online tool that many people use nowadays for their online documents. It is an excellent tool for creating a single document from various documents. Usually, this is done if you want to compile documents with the same topic and want your recipients and readers to have a more convenient reading experience.

This is one of the most beneficial online tools that GogoPDF may utilize to make your handling of online documents more convenient. Indeed, this is already one of the must-have online tools ready for future demands if you use online documents.

This is how you can utilize your website’s Merge PDF tool.

  • The first thing you need to do is upload the documents you want to merge.
  • The system of GogoPDF will start by combining your documents.
  • When fusing your documents, you may adjust the required adjustments that you want.
  • Suppose everything meets with your satisfaction. You can now download it to your storage.

Adding Watermark

Our following online tool is the Add Watermark Online Tool, used primarily on companies, works of art, vital documents, and much more. Adding a watermark to your original work helps you safeguard and avoid recreating your original work without your agreement.

It’s one of the underestimated online internet tools that you may utilize from the website of GogoPDF, as just a few people realize it exists initially. You may see this from the GogoPDF homepage, ready for use for your online document requirements. Suppose that you choose to use this online service. Here is an example of how the watermark may be added to your document.

  • The document you wish to apply a watermark to must be selected and uploaded.
  • Type the wording you wish your document to be used as your watermark. An alternate action is using a picture for your watermark, which is advised.
  • Choose your watermark’s positioning in the document.
  • Suppose you are happy with everything, implement the modifications you have made and download them into your device.


Technology is changing in all elements of our life nowadays to the advantage of easy experience. Therefore, using the benefits that we may currently get with the latest technology is essential for catching up and making our lives more efficient than before.


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