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PDF Power: Most Convenient PDF Converters For 2021

PDF is used by many people around the globe today; it is helpful in many different fields; it is used…

By adstotally , in Technology , at June 23, 2021

PDF is used by many people around the globe today; it is helpful in many different fields; it is used at school as the format for assignments, used as a format for presentation at work, and it is also used as the format for business plans. It is preferred by many because it gives convenience to its users. Choosing it as your file format will provide you with an advantage.

There are multiple advantages in converting your documents to PDF format, such as ease in accessing your file because it is compatible with any device. It is very secure and consumes less space on your device. But finding an excellent converter today can be stressful because there are many converters to choose from. With that said, here are the top PDF converters. 


GogoPDF is also an online-based converter that doesn’t require any installation and storage space in your device. This website is also known for converting multiple files into different formats. Aside from file conversion, it also has a Repair PDF File Tool that can put your file back to  its original form as if nothing happened to it.

It offers so many services that can improve your PDF file. One excellent service that this website provides is their Protect PDF Tool which prevents other people from accessing your files and the data it contains. This is one of the best and most secure encryption services on the web because it uses 128-AES encryption that is almost impossible to breach.

It’s an excellent website for people who have limited storage in their devices. With its Compress PDF Tool, you can now reduce your PDF file size to make space for new files, so you don’t have to delete other vital files anymore. And lastly, The website is also concerned with your privacy because all your transactions made on the website are deleted after one hour.


Converting various files with different formats today can be a struggle since there are only a few excellent converters out there. Luckily PDFBear became available to everyone to help us with our PDF converting dilemmas. It is one of the pioneer PDF converters on the web; it is also one of the first PDF converting websites.

There are not many tech companies out there that make a tool that can file without installing any software or application on your device. This means that you are going to consume less time and storage space. Aside from that, it offers file conversion for multiple formats, including PPT, PNG, JPG, Word, Excel to PDF format, and vice versa.

Aside from its excellence in file conversion, it also offers other unique services like Split PDF Tool, which splits pages from one PDF file to make another PDF document. It can also merge PDF files into one PDF folder to make your files more organized. Lastly, it can add page numbers to PDF, watermarks, esignature, and more.

Adobe Acrobat Pro DC

If you are planning to spend lavishly on a file converter, then Adobe Acrobat Pro DC is the perfect software for you. It offers file conversion from PDF to other formats like PPT, PNG, PDFA, Excel, PPT, and vice versa. It also allows you to ensure your file’s security by customizing the security setting of your file using the software. You can also attach your signature using it.

The only disadvantage of using Adobe Pro DC is that it needs a subscription with a reasonable fee before you can fully experience all its services. There are also additional perks in purchasing subscriptions, including the software updated version, 20 gigabytes of extra storage in the adobe cloud, and so much more helpful and unique services.


The past few years were not easy; it opened a more technological and more “digital” world where everything can be done using our computer devices. We are indeed far from what we were before in terms of technology. If we printed hundreds of pages before, it would be necessary now because we can view file content using our smartphones. 

If we used to send letters before through snail mail and would take days and even weeks to reach its destination, exchange of conversation can now be done realtime. All these changes in technology are significant in our situation with the pandemic where everyone is stuck inside to avoid the virus from spreading. 

But no matter how helpful technology can be, using it still has disadvantages. One example is file-sharing; there are many problems with file sharing, like the huge file size, compatibility with the reader, and more. This is where the usefulness of conversion comes in. That is why many people convert to PDF because of its many advantages.


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