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Why are packaging designs important?

World is healthy and tidy. Whether we are talking about confectionery, chocolate or cookies, product packaging is studied down to…

By adstotally , in Health , at April 3, 2021

World is healthy and tidy. Whether we are talking about confectionery, chocolate or cookies, product packaging is studied down to the smallest detail: design is king.

Faced with an increasingly competitive world, do not miss this opportunity to make your brand emerge. By respecting the main stages of the process, you will be able to condition the customer’s first impression on your product and even throughout its life cycle. Choose the Custom CBD oil packaging in this case.

The Main Stages of the Packaging Design Process

The rule of the first twenty seconds, the famous “first impression”, you know? With objects, it’s exactly the same thing: your potential customer will judge your product in a few flick of an eye. And this is where the packaging design process comes in because beyond a simple “packaging” and a grouping of visual and editorial information, packaging is also a way of telling a story.

In terms of design, specialists today speak of a systemic approach, that is to say where there is interdependence between the stages with possible back and forth between marketing, technology and normative aspects.

Whether you decide to use a specialized structure or not, it is important that you know the basics of the packaging design process. Here they are in broad outline. From the first step are born working hypotheses or “creative orientations” that you will have to prioritize. Choosing a management that best meets the specifications is not always easy.

Between the two or the three your heart swings hence the importance of defining from the start objective and concerted criteria allowing the choice of the final concept. Depending on the complexity of the project, the design can be done with or without the intervention of a designer or artistic director. If you are so lucky, let his expertise guide you.

The different “layers” of packaging: 

We generally say that there are three “layers” in the packaging: the outer packaging, the inner packaging and the product packaging. Your product will need one, two, or all of these coats at once.

Development and completion of the concept: 

The development of the concept should make it possible to test its realism on the basis of perceived quality criteria. The models or samples will help you in your reflection. With the Custom CBD Boxes with logo now you can expect the best.

Innovation at the heart of packaging: 

A creative approach, to be truly impactful, must be based on market trends. At online shops, competitive intelligence is part of our daily practices: we invest in research and development to offer you new materials, new folds and new finishes based on cutting-edge technologies.

Next, you have to know how to create an emotional connection with the customer, with packaging that tells a story, that of the product, the company or the customer himself. This is how the box received can be carefully kept by the customer, and reused, which helps maintain the brand and visual identity of the store.

On the other hand, new technologies today constitute a powerful means of creating interactive packaging, thanks in particular to QR codes. These lead the customer directly to a page of your choice, which can be on social networks, a video or a tutorial that presents the product. In the same vein, the delivery of a parcel is often synchronized with an e-mail sent automatically, and which constitutes a complement to the unboxing experience, or unboxing.

Model and Proof: Industrialization Phase

With the last phase, we really get into the real world. It makes it possible to make the concept manufacture-able, to resolve any technical problems, to reduce risks, to reframe the cost and to improve the result. Keep in mind that design is judged on the final product, its quality of realization and not just on the idea. The design-engineering interaction must therefore be effective.


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