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Types of rings for everyone

Rings have been a part of marriage proposals and weddings for decades. Rings have been widely known as symbols of…

By adstotally , in Fashion , at August 20, 2021

Rings have been a part of marriage proposals and weddings for decades. Rings have been widely known as symbols of love and commitment for years. Beautiful rings are exchanged along with a promise to support and love each other through the ups and downs of life. Getting engaged is synonymous with having a ring on your finger. Rings can be categorized according to their function.

Let us look at a few rings that stand out and make you swoon as soon as you see them.

  1. Wedding bands – Wedding bands are generally simple bands made of gold, rose gold, or white gold. There are very few variations in the shape of the band. The bands can be embedded with diamonds or the entire band could be made of cut diamonds itself. These are generally preferred by couples as they can be inscribed on, to make them personalized.
  2. Engagement rings- Engagements rings typically include a simple diamond ring. The variation in design may not be much but the centerpiece of this ring is generally is a solitaire or a diamond of a higher carat. For people who prefer the colourful options, you can get beautiful engagement rings made of pure gold as well.
  3. Quirky rings – There are unconventional designs that a lot of people are choosing as opposed to the more traditional options available. The adjustable and open rings, rings shaped like crowns of king and queen, rings with animal figures, rings that have words as a part of the circle, replicas of historic rings, and many more options are available. Each person can get a ring that suits his/her personality the best. If you are proposing and are unsure of the choice, you can always take your special one along to choose the ring.
  4. Spiritual – There is a lot of chatter around various precious metals and stones and how they affect one’s well-being. Certain materials are known to harness positive energy and bring good luck, prosperity, wealth, and health to the wearer. These are popular and are worn by people for various reasons. These are worn for spiritual reasons and yet can be made to look fashionable.
  5. Cocktail rings – These rings are worn to parties or with extravagant attires. Cocktail rings are generally dramatically big rings with various designs. These may be embedded with stones or have precious metals with eye-catching designs or can be made with pearls or beads. These over-the-top rings are not worn daily as they can look too flashy.
  6. Ring sets – Another ongoing trend is to sport a lot of rings at the same time. You can buy them in sets or mix and match to create a funky yet sophisticated look. Ring sets include rings for all fingers and you can wear more than one ring on the same finger at the same time. If you don’t wish to buy readymade sets, you can keep curating your own sets by buying the rings you like. These are great for maximalists. People who like to adorn colourful clothes, wear a lot of sparkling jewellery, experiment with shapes and textures really like ring sets as they offer freedom of accessorizing.

When it comes to rings, you are only limited by your imagination, and going overboard is a fashion statement too!


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