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How to Create Captivating Instagram Videos

Introduction Videos are becoming the topmost priority for people in business to showcase their products and market their brands on…

By adstotally , in Social Media , at May 12, 2022


Videos are becoming the topmost priority for people in business to showcase their products and market their brands on Instagram. Creating fascinating Instagram videos is one of the basic strategies for Instagram marketing. An Instagram video created using the Instagram video editor provides you with the flexibility to enhance your video marketing strategy. An Instagram video editor is a video editing tool that allows you to easily edit your videos and give them an attractive look on Instagram. This tool doesn’t require any video editing experience or “tech skills” to get started. It comes with a simple ‘choose and drop’ video editor, which anyone can use. Another Instagram marketing strategy used by people in business is showcasing their products on Instagram live. But, achieving success on Instagram is not as simple as uploading videos only.

So, in this article, you will get a walkthrough on how to create, plan and shoot Instagram videos to increase viewers’ attention on Instagram.

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1. Be Specific To Your Video

A proper strategy to plan and direct your video on Instagram is an essential task. A 3-60 second Instagram video can’t portray a complete story. So before creating an Instagram video:

Set a goal in your mind on how to create competition in your video.

Always give a strategic move to drive traffic to your video and increase viewers’ attention.

Make yourself specific about what content you should upload to entertain the audience and gain new followers for your Instagram profile.

Make your video feel more realistic and unique to the audience.


A simple Instagram video always makes the viewers feel weary regarding the specific content. But, a stunning Instagram video created using the Instagram video editor allows you to grab viewers’ eyes and increase their enthusiasm for what you have posted.

So, provided below are some basic approaches that will assist you in building an effective and less time-consuming Instagram video.


Shooting your video in front of natural light sources, including the sun, can give your video a realistic and attractive look.


Sometimes, overhead lighting can create deformed visual effects for your Instagram video. Always look for a proper angle to shoot your video.


Sometimes the current lighting layout does not fulfil the necessary conditions required to shoot your Instagram video. As a result, creating a professional video for your Instagram profile becomes a challenging task. In this situation, you can improve the lighting conditions by using coloured backgrounds while shooting your videos. They block unwanted light sources and hand you a qualitative video.


Telling an optimum story in your video can increase the audience’s attention to your Instagram profile. It is not necessary to describe every aspect of your account. Instead, you can pick some bullet points from your story and explain them to them so that they could have an impressive impact on the audience. In the beginning, you can add some eye-catching scenes to make your story look more relevant. While telling a story, time management is an essential factor. If the storytime is not within limits, it could create a boredom situation for the audience. The best way to manage your time is by splitting up your story into three different segments. Make it look realistic and relatable to the audience. Beginning your video in this way will help draw people into your story. Make sure you also give a proper and emotional ending to your account so that the audience can believe in you and think of connecting with your content or brand offered. 


A video collage is ideal for grabbing attention, presenting a narrative, and promoting your content to the audience. Instead of posting several photographs on Instagram, you can create a video collage through video collage maker apps. Including a collage in your Instagram video may add aesthetic value while also cutting down the length of your video. You can add attractive features such as graphics, audio, and audio effects to your Instagram video through video editing tools. 


There is no option on Instagram to crop your video to a particular size. You have to shoot your video either in portrait or landscape mode so that the entire shot can fit easily in the Instagram frame.


Many smartphones are provided with the feature of ‘focus peaking.’ Using this feature, you can focus on the particular object in your Instagram video. You have to tap on the area where you want your video to get focused on your smartphone camera.


An Instagram video shot with shaky hands can disturb its video quality. Making your hands and elbow stable can avoid such irrelevant attempts. Nowadays, many smartphones are provided with in-built camera features to shoot a regular Instagram video. For example, while using a DSLR camera, you can put it on a tripod stand to avoid unnecessary shaking.


While making an Instagram video, you will have to be selective about the video editing tools you are using in your video. Generally, Instagram users are impressed by the videos with Instagram captions. So, don’t forget to add it to your video. Using impressive bullet points in your video can help capture viewers’ attention. 


From the above article, you can conclude that there are many ways by which you can create captivating Instagram videos for your Instagram profile. You can promote your brand on Instagram by creating fascinating Instagram videos. The most important points that you should remember while creating an Instagram video are as follows:

  • Be Specific To Your Video.
  • Give Proper Lighting To Your Video.
  • Tell A Story In Your Video.
  • Use Video Collage Maker Apps To Edit Instagram Videos.
  • Ensure Proper Orientation To Your Video.
  • Keep Your Shot Focused.
  • Keep The Shot Steady.
  • Capture Viewers’ Attention.

By following the above points, you can maximize profit for your Instagram videos.

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